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There internal performance measures. They didn’t really put it out for delivery but by saying they did means that depot met its performance targets. Of course they then have to deal with the fact that they didn’t deliver it - simple, regardless of what they tell you, internally they will mark as the customer‘s fault.

So there you have it, in reality a poor service but on paper a perfect one. Praise heaped on the depot and the manager for delivering such a flawless service.


Makes perfect sense ! The UPS man normally makes deliveries around my area around 11am to 1 pm from past experiences, I saw him make a delivery to my neighbour and thought im next but he drove off so like you say my parcel wasn't even on his van in the first place!


Ordered something from Prime on next day delivery, that was on 31/5, still hasn't turned up, later today apparently though they said the same yesterday then said it was running late and would be delivered today. Useless


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Also having an issue with UPS, due two days ago.

Now delayed to Monday due to ‘issues out of their control’

No issues with other couriers very bad


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Had the same issues here, item shipped next day to arrive on Tuesday, arrived on Thursday. On the other had ordered something from Amazon not prime delivery on Tuesday night and delivered today as opposed to next Monday.😁


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My phone was with UPS to be returned to me. It was due yesterday, with email saying it was out for delivery and will be with me that day, then i got anothet email saying it had been rescheduled for today, half an hour later my phone turned up. UPS staff were delivering in their own cars due to volume of parcels they had.

Now tuffnells aren't doing as well. Ordered some trunking and bits from an electrical shop down south, was expecting it Monday, it turned up wednesday, well 1 out of 2 packages did. I emailed the electrical shop, they emailed tuffnells who replied saying it was delayed, and should be here the next day (Thursday). Got to dinner time today (Friday) and still no show, so emailed tuffnells directly and they are now saying its not been received at their delivery depot and that there is a backlog and that they need to give the depot a week to clear the backlog first. Still scratching my head how two packages sent from one place at the same time are not delivered in 1 slot.
My UPS delivery was estimated for next Tuesday. Yet, yesterday our regular driver pulled up on the driveway and delivered the parcel.

I'm glad they realise who is the important one here 😍🤣

But to be fair and in the 'spirit' of this thread, Amazon got it in the neck big-time from me the other week. I was in our garden, got a notification that the delivery attempt failed due to customer not available. Hmm so much for contactless delivery, or why not ring the bloody doorbell as it will go to my phone so I can hear it, but then I was like that doesn't make sense as it should fit through the letterbox as it was a UHD Bluray. I wasn't fussed about the late delivery but blaming me for their mistake is never a good idea. I had two people call me, and the van was turned around, then the guy didn't get out of the van but dumped it on top of a wheelie bin that was out on the road.

I did not take pleasure in letting Amazon know again. People like that shouldn't be on the road or entrusted with deliveries.

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