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Hi guys.

The recent weather has made me realise that power outages are baaad!!

Having just bought my first projector, I want to make sure it runs perfectly, and realise that the fan runs for a couple of minutes after the projector is powered down.

In storms our electricity supply goes down regularly and in the last one I powered the projector off manually, moments before we had a cut !! Felt rather lucky! So what I want to do now is get a UPS just for the projector so that if there is another power outage, I can shut the projector down without it over heating.

Would any second hand APC one suffice?? I think the projector uses around 150 watts of power when its running, probably not anywhere near that mark once it is just running the fan to cool off.

Hopefully you understand why I want the UPS and will support my idea :D!



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I have succesfully used an APC SmartUPS 700 with an InFocus 7210 were the mains so noisey that the projector wouldn't work properly without it, with the UPS everything was fine, though the 7210 does almost fully load the 700 which was a :eek:


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As soon as the power to the projector is cut the heat source is taken away and the projector will cool down on it's own, just not as fast as it would with the fans running!?!? It can't get any hotter once the bulb is turned off.....


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While I agree that it's not likely to kill the bulb powering down like this once in a while, heat will build up inside the casing if the fans aren't pushing through cool air and this can only be bad. You won't be able to get the fan on when the power comes back so it'll be a long time before its safe to start up again without risking the bulb. It sounds like craigizmo2k2 has quite regular problems. A UPS is also quite useful for keeping the power running for a very short spike or drop as it means you can keep watching the film not have to abandon it.

I have my PJ on a Belkin UPS - one of these bought when they were £25 delivered.
It hasn't been called on yet but did keep the DECT phone on when the power went down.

I'd be wary of a second hand UPS. If the batteries are dead then it will be really expensive to ship and utterly useless. We had 2 enterprise level APC UPS with older batteries. One showed a fault, the other looked fine but when the power went off guess which one dumped file and print and email and which one carried on running the DNS - doh! It cost £500 to replace the batteries - ouch.

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