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HI all,

I have a fairly average pc (pentium 4 2600mhz etc), anyway, the sound quality has always been fairly poor for playing music but ive lived with it. Basically my stereo is broke and was going to replace it, but as i have alot of music on pc etc i was thinking of just upgrading my pc sound card/speakers and using that as my stereo. I think i currently just have on-board sound.

I dont know exaclty what i need so could do with some help.

Whats a good sound card for reasonable sort of money? Im talking maybe 30-100 quid. Doesnt need to be all 5.1 etc as thats what my tv/surround system is for. Possible an external card if they are any good as when i replace my pc it will be easier to take it with me.

Also need some decent speakers. Maybe 2 speakers and a sub type system. Any suggestions?

I do have 2 decent stereo speakers (just bare wire connections) Is it possible to connect them up to the pc without going through a stereo amplifier?

Thanks in advance


Forget about external cards mate, look for the soundblaster Audigy2 card. Go to pc world and see if you can pick up a set of logitech z560's for £60 still. They're £150 everwhere else. Look in the special offers section for more details.


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Cheers for the input keanyboy, but i dont think i want full 5.1 speakers as i am getting surround speakers for my dvd system and i dont realy want too many speakers plasted round the room!

If i only want 2 speakers (+sub) then would i still need to spend the extra on a card that supports 5.1 like the audigy2, or are there cheaper ones that will still sound pretty much as good for a 2 speakers set up?

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