Uprade to AVC11SR from 3801 - Worth the extra dosh ?


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Contemplating this upgrade....

Not too worried about the extra types of processing that it does I have only the std setup with speakers for 5.1

but the extra power and THX certification and it's ability in stereo are more important.

Is this worth the extra dosh ?

Anyone pls ?

I went from a 3801 to a AVC-10SE and the difference was HUGE, and as the 11SR is about two generations ahead of the 10SE I think it would be a good upgrade.

especially in stereo!

I always thought the pre-amp section of the 3801 a bit weak, for stereo the 10SE is far better.

For movies, there is a small but noticable improvement.


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Sounds good......I have sourced a cheapie new one.....<grin>

better reserve it this afternoon......


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