Upgraditus strikes for return to 2 channel stereo


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Used to be well into 2 channel but that got taken over by 5.1/7.1,but I picked up a cheap denon pma350se not long ago and the love for 2 channel came flooding back. This is where the upgraditus has struck.

I only use a marantz cd63(treasured) CD player for a source, but I'm gonna stick with that as I love it. Running quad 12L speaker with van damme 4 mm cables,on way heavy filled ancient speaker stands.

It's the amp I'm looking to replace and I'm not sure which path to take, I'm looking for value for money, so second hand is looking like my best route, but that's where the problem lies a little. It the lack of availability, location etc that causes the demo problem. I just need to narrow down my search a little. After hours of trawling old threads if come up with my short list, what's do you all think and have you got any other suggestions etc

Creek evo 2

Roksan Kandy

Audiolab 8200a

Any other ideas?


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You'll get no worthwhile responses until you make a clear statement of the Budget range you are in.



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Thanks Steve, didn't think about that.

£500 absolute tops.;)
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Looks like you didn't get any response anyway!

Reckon that you could get a 2nd hand AudioLab 8200a within your budget.
I think they are good amps, though not everyone likes them.

I don't know about the others. I have an older AudioLab 8000a, which I think is an excellent amp. You can pick these up on ebay for under £200 now and in my opinion they sound good and are a great way to get started cheaply with a reasonably good quality HiFi.

Not sure where you are based but you could possibly demo my 8000a or maybe even borrow it for a while (I am not using it just now) if you wanted to check how it sounded before committing. I also own a 8200P that I am currently using with 8200CDQ, so welcome to hear those too at my place. You couldn't borrow them though (I am using them!). Appreciate if you are other end of country that is not much help. I am in SW London area.

As to other suggestions - you are spoilt for choice! Every week I seem to stumble upon a new amp manufacturer that I didn't know existed! You need to figure out what you like the sound of. The best way to do that is to listen to as many different systems as possible. Either dealers demos or friends with HiFi. Work out what you like and what you don't! Have fun!


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Is that an 'original' top loading CD63 or a cd63 SE?
If the former and you like the narrow profile, how about a Quad 77 integrated? Budget for a service at Quad and if you like it add a 77 power to biamp the 12Ls. (you did mention upgraditus:))

I think you could probably do similar with the Audiolab range but not for the same money.



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There are new amps in your price range including Audiolab 8200A -

Yamaha AS701 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

Marantz PM7005 Amplifier - Superfi

Audiolab 8200A Amplifier - Superfi

Rotel RA12 Amplifier With DAC - Superfi

You need to think about the features and characteristics you need.

Do you want or need Tone Controls?

Do you want or need a DAC built-in?

Do you need a Phono input?

Would you prefer higher power? The Yamaha AS701 is 100w/ch.

Would you prefer a bit higher quality, and a bit less power? The Audiolab 8200A has 60w/ch.

Would you like a compromise between Power, Features, and Quality? The Rotel RA-12 has 60w/ch, DAC, and Tone Controls.

The used Amp you suggested are all fine amps, each with their own characteristics.

But ... you can buy new amps, of good quality, for you specified budget.


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