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Hi, I have been having a chat with the Sky representative in my local Tesco store and I think I will be taling him up on the offer of upgrading to SkyHD without any installation or setup fee. However, I have a couple of questions that I hope someone here will be able to help with.

As it stands at the moment I have Sky+ in the living room and also FreeSat HD built into the TV. I have a quad LNB on the dish with two feeds to the Sky+ box and one feed to the FreeSat. Now, as part of the Tesco deal you have to take out a multiroom subscription. Will this mean that they will use my existing Sky+ box as the multiroom box and, obviously, have two feeds going to it, because if this is the case then there will be two feeds to the SkyHD box, two feeds to the Sky+ box and I won't have a spare LNB output to feed to the FreeSat box. If this is the case is there anything I can do about it like have a six output LNB or something.

The other I wanted to know is whether the SkyHD box uses the same LNB feeds as the Sky+ box or do they need a new LNB etc. The reason I ask this is that the Sky guy at Tesco said, and you'll laugh at this, that they have to fit a booster to the LNB because the HD box can record for 160 hours instead of the 40 hours on the Sky+ box. No, obviously, this is absolute rubbish but I was wondering if they do need to do something to the LNB or the dish.

I'm sure there was something else as well but I can't think of it at the moment.

Thanks for any advice



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Thanks for that. I'm assuming that an octo LNB is not something that sky would fit but I could fit myself at a later date.


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You might persuade the Sky man to fit an octo but you coud diy later.
With nonsense like that from the Tesco guy though I wouldn't trust anything else he offers!

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