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Upgrading to Sky+ options - I'm moving!



Hi I wonder if people have got any idea's about this.

I'm about to move and I'm thinking about upgrading to SKY+

As a current customer the standard upgrade will cost £199, if I'm a new customer (I'm moving and I'll get my wife to register) it's only £99. I've been with Sky for years and I'm tempted to do this as I feel their trying to rip off existing customer, oh and if I upgrade a £40 moving fee!

So do I do this or buy a new box from another company for £169??

What do people think?

Will sky come down in price if I try and talk to them?


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Well considering the price for new customers if you can get it then I would do so, makes it easier when all warranty work is with one company.

As you know there is very little (if anything) to be gained for being a long term subscriber:)


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Have to agree last year I was moving house and wanted to cancel Sky as I would not be moving in for 4 months due to renovating my house, I was talked into going to minimum subscription i.e.£14.99 a month as this would be cheaper in the long run than cancelling and then getting a new install I'd save £50 home moving scheme. So I paid £15 a month costing me £60 and then phoned up to get Sky + installed, I was then told I would have to pay £240 for this privilage, now at this time they were offering it to new customers for £99 all in, I pointed this out and also what I had been told 4 months earlier, they didn't give a toss, I pointed out I'd had Sky for 14 years, still no joy. I then said I would cancel and do it in my girlfriends name, they said it wouldn't work as Sky was already registered at that adddress, I pointed out there wasn't even a :censored: dish at the address so there was no Sky just me being ripped off for 4 months.
They came back with that offers were always changing etc and that intial adopters of Sky+ paid £400 then the following year new customers got it for £200, so how did I think old customers felt? I pointed out that old customers didn't have to pay increased subscription charges for a year to balance this out, she had no answer, their attitude was if you don't want it cancel but who else can you go too?They have you over a barrell.
So to sum up I paid out £300 when I could have done it for £99, so don't let them talk you into keeping it or doing a house move thing, cancel then put it in your wifes name and don't tell them you've had it before, I told my sister to do this with her boyfriend and they got the £99 deal, if you've got 2 bank accounts even better use the one that wasn't used before. I just wish there was an alternative to Sky as I drop them tomorrow there customer service is crap.


I've had "conversations" in the past with Sky and thought they'd try to Shar :rolleyes: t me.

Unfortunately Sky and many other companies (see Tiny plasma thread, just try dealing with BT) seem to operator on “sc :eek: w” you policy.

Either they’re the only company you can use, e.g. BT, Sky, or/and they use the mug approach. “Didn’t you read the small print, how about a £150 restocking fee, oh and because you’re an existing customer that’ll be more”

Oh and before people say you do have a choice, have you tried NTL, Cable and Wireless or Homechoice?

But as they say what goes around comes around, so I feel no guilt in not telling the whole truth to Sky.

Thanks for helping make up my mind

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