upgrading to sky+ in communal block of flats

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by klnc, Oct 16, 2002.

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    I live in a block of flats with one dish on the roof. I have been looking to upgrade to sky+, but until recently have been told that would not be possible with the communal dish and that I would have to have my own separate dish (which isn't allowed).

    Anyway, our local sky dealer recently said that I could get sky+ using the existing dish as they could use some gizmo that would effectively double the existing single feed (to match the 2 feeds you get with sky+). Firstly, is this likely to affect the quality of the signal?

    Secondly, the cost. He is quoting me £300 for the box, £100 normal installation and £125 for the additional "signal booster". Given installation is limited, within reason, to just plugging it in - i mean there's no external work to be done, he's not going to be recabling between the communal dish and my flat. So basically can I buy this additional booster and install sky+ myself saving myself at least £100?

    Any comments/advice would be most welcome.

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