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My system at the moment consists of philips 32" widescreen crt,panasonic dvd player with 5.1 audio and a 5 disc integrated changer,and a standard sky plus box.
Im intending replacing the tv with a hyundai 42 plasma-hqp421sr which after looking round the forums and various links looks to be a great buy and a wallet friendly purchase.
My question is this,i wish to route the sound from the plasma through my panasonic dvd player which should be easy enough but to have both the sky+ box and the dvd player on causes grainy pictures and wavy lines in the background.
The dvd player is connected via scart and sky plus to the rgb scart.If we put sky in standby mode the output from the dvd is perfect but as soon as the sky is turned back on we have the above problems.
I have tried expensive and inexpensive scart leads no different results.
Or is it just incompatible equipment?
If we upgrade and buy the hyundai plasma tv and still have the same problems can anyone advise on this?
I dont wish to buy the speaker seperates unless absolutely necessary cos they come in at around two hundred quid

Sorry its long winded id be appreciative of any replies thanks :) :lease:


HI I've got the Hyundai HQP42sr. It is a budget buy and I'm not too impressed with some movies that I play as dark scenes tend to come out more green than black. It is great when I play pixar type movies!
Anyway to your question, there are plenty of connections on the Hyundai, 1 x RGB (known as F scart in the manual) 1 x scart (H scart) 2 x component (best) and a DVI. There is two connections for a tv tuners but as i have sky+ I haven't bothered connecting them.
With all these connections you should have no interference problems as you have to select the source of the signal on the tv menu when you change from one to the other, unlike conventional TV's which will have one source as the default, i.e. put a DVD on normally doesn't require you to select another channel!


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