Upgrading to Pioneer VSXD 811?



Hi, i have read very good reviews on the Pioneer. I currently have the , now, obsolete Marantz. Do you think the Pioneer would make a good upgrade or should i stick with the Marantz?

Iain Shields

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What model is your Marantz amp?

The Pioneer has been given 1 or 2 good reviews in different magazines and I think several people on the forums here have 1, maybe they would be kind enough to give you a quick review...

You may also want to consider the new models that can be bought in the same price range from Denon (1803), Marantz (5300) and Yamaha (630) amongst others, they all support 6.1, pro-logic 2 etc. and have all had good words said about them... Try doing a search for the different models mentioned for a more detailed explanation...

Hope this helps and dosn't make your buying choice more complicated :confused: :D



I recently listened to the Pioneer VSX-D811 and it was very impressive with full surround sound, certainly knows how to make it's presence felt, delivered the battle of Khazad-dûm in Lord of The Rings with real clout, however it's stereo performance was not so impressive to my ears, I've listened to a number of similarly priced AV amps recently and I eventually settled on the Yamaha AX630SE which I really must recommend on the strength of it's stereo abilities alone above the others ...it delivered far more than I was expecting of an AV amp with music and it's nothing short of fantastic with films.

In short ...the Pioneer was good but not as good as either the Yamaha AX630, Marantz 4300 or the Denon 1803 to my ears. I regret not listening to the Marantz 5300 from what I have heard about it from others so id give that a listen if I were you.

That’s all I can say about it really, not so helpful if your considering the Pioneer perhaps but be sure to check out the Yamaha and the Denon.

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