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Feb 29, 2004
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At present I have a Sony SCD XB 770QS multi channel SACD player. I was going to replace my existing DVD player, Sony 7700 ,with the Denon 2900, but the private sale of my Sony didn't materialise. I'm now looking at the cheaper option of replacing my SACD player with the Poineer 565. Can anyone advise me whether in doing this I am going to lose out on the quality of playback on CD/SACD on the Pioneer unit compared to my existing Sony player?
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I have the 565 and a Sony 900v, I feel the 565 presetation of SACD discs is let down by a low volume output and the bass is very low.
On the other hand you can up the amps setting, making sure to decrease it if the settings are stored universally for all inputs.
Personally I would at least try the others available, the 656 is supposed to be better but lacks NTSC prog scan, I think the next up Pioneer does it all though.
Many thanks for your views, much appreciated. However, having read some of the other threads I might keep my Sony SACD player and buy a Toshiba 900E and sell my Sony 7700 DVD player privately.
On another thread someone read the manual and said:

"it said that because dvd audio was 10db lower on the sub output when selecting the 5.1 input it boosted the sub output by +10db.So this sounds like all players not just pioneer.It all sounds fine to me and i've never had to mess around with levels on the player"

You can boost the SW output on the player by +6db, this only affects analogue outputs on the Pioneer, so the settings are still okay for DVD-V

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