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Upgrading to a soundbar...


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Hey guys, new here but have browsed this site for years lol.

I have a Logic3 PS3 Speakers connected to my TV for audio(as TV speakers are not that good) and i am thinking of getting Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar since i cannot get surround sound as the misses hates the wires around the house (and she will only let me budget £200) will these make much difference sound wise? I play games, watch Blu-Rays etc.
I don't think the logic are dolby or dts and the yamaha is, does this make much difference? I have a Samsung 51" E450 Series 4 Plasma if that helps...

Thanks!! :)


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Shame you can not go surround as the Yamaha 196 can be bought for under £200 (although you could still get it but just use the front 3 speakers and sub as it will be better than a soundbar). The Yamaha will have all the connectivity you need and since it is based on an AV receiver it should give better sound quality too.


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I actually have a 5.1 surround sound system, Philips. But the wires are a pain esp since i have 2 kids, one being a toddler who loves pulling things lol.

I think the PS3 Logic3 speakers sounded better than that, but would the Samsung HW-E450 soundbar be any better?
I pull the TV back and fourth, when the kids go to bed, i get the PS3 out and game then bring the TV closer so i can see the little campers alittle better haha so the speakers i have now have to be pushed forward and its a little annoying, but if its not going to sound any better( i watch HD channels allot if that helps, Dolby?) i would just stick with these...

Is there any better soundbars i could get with a £200 budget?
I have only seen 2;
Yamaha YAS101bl SoundBar
Samsung HW-E450 Soundbar
Samsung one has HDMI, would that mean that i only have to conect one wire to use all? Virgin TIVO, PS3 and laptop via HDMI


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I've been using a 101 with a Panny plasma, and it works well. The AirSurround effect is good but doesn't fully replicate a surround sound effect, nor does it claim to. It's happy with all sound formats. As a 2.1 system its fine, but I've decided now to upgrade to a Yamaha 2002 - very expensive but superb performer. At or around the £200 mark the 101 is hard to better but I haven't heard them all.

My 101 will probably be appearing in the classifieds soon.

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