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upgrading to a 60" plasma but which one


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Hi i currently have a 42 panasonic viera 42" bought in june 2008 and i am looking at upgrading to a 60" plasma. At the moment i am swaying towards LG 60PZ250T which is £1350 from amazon, . Samsung have a 59" 3D model also which is £1250 i think. I dont know which has the edge LG or samsung for plasma. My current panasonic 42" does not have great Standard def terestrial picture upscaling so i am looking for a TV with improved Standard Def picture quality. Plus of course the LG comes with a FREEVIEW HD tuner.

Any one got any advice ot experience?.


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I too am lookig for said TV. If you have Sky or Virgin HD do you really need Freeview HD?

Plus i would take the time to read thru the various owners threads of the tv's you like to see what actually owning them is like.

I'm assuming for the money it's the Samsung PS 59D550? The review for LG is very good.


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Freeview HD is handy for me if other members of my family are watching sky then i can watch the terrestial channels in HD and they can still watch sky.

I have never found standard def very good blown up to 60"

I am waiting until the pric eof the 64" Samsung drops and some of it scurrent problems are ironed out B4 i commit my hard earned.

Sony are bringing out a 60" led i think shortly as well.


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I have never found standard def very good blown up to 60"

Personally, I doubt that any 60" plasma or LCD TV is going to give an excellent SD Freeview PQ at any normal viewing distance and I would guess that the picture will almost certainly be worse going from a 42" to a 60" set at the same viewing distance, even if the picture processing is better on the larger one.

The SD Sky picture on my MIL's 42" Panasonic 2010 S-series plasma was noticable softer than the equivalent HD picture from 10 feet away - if that had been a 60" set, then I suspect it would have been unwatchable from anywhere in the room... to my eyes at least.

I can only presume that people who go for such large plasmas either watch mainly HD content (and take the hit on the SD PQ), or have large rooms and are viewing from much further away than the average living room would allow.

This is only going on my instincts though - I'm sure there are plenty of people here who have done what you want to do who can advise from experience better than I can.


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60 inch @ close range will be awesome for 1080p and even better for 1080p 3D.

Standard definition will be hideous @ the distances you're used to for a 42" - especially if you can already notice the inherently poor upscaling of your existing set @ that distance....

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