Upgrading the hard disk

i want to swap out the 1tb hard drive in my pro for the drive out of my 2tb seagate external drive. can i use the back up function to another drive so i dont loose all my saves and screen captures settings etc
question the actual hardrive in the seagate 4tb portable drive doesnt fit internally in a ps4 but the drive in the 2tb portable one does right?


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SO..................To bump my post up (can't believe this got to 14 pages) ;) What would some of you recommend SSD wise for the pro? Mininum has to be 2TB (Due to my amount of games) was swaying on the 860 QVO or the crucial as mentioned above but there's also a sandisk ultra 3d? dunno!


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I ended up getting the Samsung 860 QVO for £180 (Amazon) as it was cheaper than the Crucial at the time.
Had it in two weeks now and there's deffinently a difference, it's quicker and alot quieter. I recommend it.


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I have the Pro and have noticed increase in access speeds on a few games, installs are much quicker too. Fans arent running as much. It just seems to run a lot smoother
I went with SSD as wanted upgrade on space and reliabilty, pricey upgrade but worth it.
Only downside im finding is my internet speed.

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