Upgrading strdb930- scratching head



The Soony 1080 might seem like a solution but I have bi-wired front speakers that currently opperate through the A + B inputs on the 930. Does the 1080 have this feature.... ?

Or is it time to push the boat out and go for a Pioneer VSA-ax10?

or Denon avc-a11sr?

But at £1800 - £2700 is this not getting towards the kind of price you can pay for a power amp processor set up...
such as a Rotel 1095 linked with a 985 processor.

I still like the sound of the 930... but am moving my set up to a bigger room [converted garage] Then there are things like DD-ex and DTS ES to think about. Will I notice a difference? Or is it a better idea to get the best I can afford in 5.1?

Advice and thoughts please.
I had a Denon A10SE which could decode the EX extensions to DD, and my setup is in a converted garage, too. When I first bought the Denon, I also asked for a home-dem of the matching poweramp and another set of THX surrounds for DD - EX. I found there was a slight increase in sound envelopment and some soundtracks seemed to have a bit more going on in the rear soundstage with EX enabled. Perhaps in a bigger room, EX makes more sense, but for a converted garage I would get the best 5.1 system I could afford. The 1095 power amp you mention is the best I have heard, and is more than one step up from any integrated that I have heard (including A1SE and Onkyo 989). The 985 processor is pretty good, but is a nightmare to use (no display for example). I would wait for the upgradeable and Pro Logic2 equipped RSP-1066 processor or Tag AVR30 and listen to them. Perhaps getting the "still very good indeed" 1075 to offset the processor cost.

Personally, I havent heard any improvement in sound when using bi-wired speakers. Bi-amped, yes, but not bi-wired.

I have now had this combination for about a month. I previously dem'ed an AVC 11SR and whilst very good compared to other integrated amps, the Rotel combination was much superior to my ears and in my setup. I didn't listen back to back, but the difference in sound quality on music I think is striking enough that I'm not giving you a bum steer. On DVDs, I can't offer much of a view - I would personally need a back to back test to be sure.

Whilst the 1095 has one or two features extra to the 1075, its mainly additional power and current capability that you are paying for. It must make a difference but I suspect that the benefit of the 1095 would only really be felt if you have a very big room, or listen exceptionally loud or have incredibly difficult to drive speakers (mine are 4 ohm and it handles them well enough).

Thanks guys.... I guess I've got a bit more saving up to do... But it looks like the way to go.

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