Upgrading Sony str 1050 for 4k Ps5 Use - suggestions?


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Hello AV folks,

I am needing to replace my Sony str 1050 with something that can input and pass 4k 60 hz HDR from my Ps5, so I understand I need at least hdmi 2.0

I have an Epson tw7000 projector so understand I am limited to output hdmi 2.0 4k at 60 Hz for the foreseeable future which should be more the adequate for my uses.

I have ELAC DF51s floorstanding speakers with the matched centre speaker and a mj acoustics Pro 50 mk 2 sub.

I also have vinyl decks and a mixer and would like it to handle that as well as general music playback as well as possible.

My screen is around 3/4 metres from the sofa but the room is double that size as the screen cuts the room in half from the ceiling.

Maximum budget of £1000, so an obvious choice would be the denon x2700h or even a 3700, but I was wondering if there were any others which would suit my needs better in your expert opinions?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom on the matter.

Much appreciated,

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