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Got an old-school Dell which i've been using for a few years now. Got it second hand in 2017 and did a few upgrades. Upgraded from 2GB of RAM to 3GB . Upgraded the graphics card, and upgraded to Windows 10.

I checked my usage via the task manager and whilst browsing the web my CPU usage goes very high ( 70 to 100% )
RAM usage is about 2GB out of 3GB so about 70%.

Am I right in saying that upgrading the RAM won't make any difference, but a new processor would ?

If that's the case i'll look into upgrading as I found some good'uns on Argos for around £300.

It's not imperative that I do any upgrades whatsoever, as for just browsing the web the PC suits me just fine. I'm just wondering for future reference ?



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You may want to check why CPU is at 100%, what is running on the machine at the time?
It sits at around 10% when not being used ( idle )
But when browsing the web it goes upto 80%, sometimes higher, then back down again ( once the page is loaded )

It's a clean install on Windows with nothing installed other than chrome running.

Fast enough for me pretty much loads sites instantly.
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You're more or less correct. Excess ram is used for stuff like pre-caching (superfetch) which can speed up the system a little but if you're already got 50% more than you're regularly using you're not going to see much benefit adding extra.
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