Upgrading Q Acoustics 1010i


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I want to upgrade my FR and FL Q Acoustics speakers (part of a Q Acoustics 5.1 package) to improve musical performance but need some guidance. My budget is about £700 but could go over if it definitely warranted; I also don't need to spend that amount.

Speakers I have been thinking about are:
  • 3030i (£290)
  • Mission LX2 (£230)
  • Concept 20 (£230)
  • any number of the other standmounts in this £300-£500 price bracket including Elac and B&W
  • Oberon 5 (£700)
  • 3050i (£650)

I have a Denon x2500H receiver and the rest of the system is 1010i with a Mordunt Short sub. I was thinking about the Oberons to try something new but I intend to change these speakers in 3-5 years so they are somewhat disposable - this drew me to look at some of what appears to be excellent value in the standmount range of spreakers. I was also wondering if matching the cheaper Q acoustics into the setup would be more sensible

The room layout is a little odd - it is a long, narrow rectangle (about 45m2 15m*3m); the speakers are in the far end facing across the narrow part of the rectangle. So on one side there is a big expansive space whilst the other side has some french windows. I'm not sure how impactful that is? Would floorstanding be better at dealing with a larger space?


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If you plan to upgrade your amp or add a dedicated stereo amp then I would go for the concept 20s

If you are sticking to your existing amp then I would go for the Mission Lx2

I had the lx1 mark 1 and they sounded incredible for the money and easy to partner. They so worked surprisingly well with budget a avr. Despite being the smallest bookshelf they certainly didn't lack bass.

The Missions look nicer in the flesh and very smart in white.
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Thanks for your reply.

I found a pair of Oberon 5's for £620 and couldn't resist with that discount.

They are certainly a step up on what I had - I'm really enjoying listening to music on them.

I'm also glad I didn't spend more - the room configuration is poor for sound and the Oberons highlight the imbalance more than the previous setup.

We have moved the q acoustics upstairs to the study. The Missions might be the next upgrade!

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