Question Upgrading projector - how to get the most from my setup?


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I'm upgrading my projector from an Epson 5200 to 9400W and looking at a sensible way to upgrade the rest of the components.

Current setup:
  • Pioneer LX55 AV receiver (HDMI 1.4)
  • Sources:
    • Sky Q (4K)
    • Netflix (4K), Amazon...
    • xBox One
  • 1080p balun over cat6 to the projector
I can't really afford (/ have permission!) to do the projector, AV receiver and 4K balun in one go so my current logic is to buy a 4K HDMI switch with optical audio (to the LX55). For the picture, I can then either use the wireless functionality on the projector or upgrade the balun to one that supports HDMI 2.2.

So, do I:
1. Get the HDMI switch - if so, any recommendations? I've been looking at something like this: [email protected] HDMI Switch 3x1 with Optical SPDIF & RCA L: Electronics
2. Feed the projector with 1080 signal until I can get a new AV Receiver - might be a wait as a ReAct screen is my next purchase

Any others been through this phased upgrade path? I know the 9400 is overkill without a screen and for my current set up but the current projector has broken so I need to do this part first.

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