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Upgrading PJ: need something quiet, reasonably priced & good pic (DLP/LCD) any ideas?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by MAD ANDY, Jan 18, 2005.


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    Nov 12, 2003
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    Currently have a Sanyo PLC-XW15 projector. Love it! Also have a 32" JVC CRT and recently started to look at upgrading the TV for a plasma, LCD, rear projection CRT or DLP etc...

    plasma - would need to go where the pj screen is so no
    lcd - same as above and not as big as plasma
    rpTV CRT - crap pic
    rpTV DLP - Sagem RD50 simply stunning in HD mode, otherwise not impressed.

    Also started to realise that if looking at 50" TVs, I would slowly get lazy in using the pj, and so interested in upgrading the pj instead! However not too sure whats available today, and my requirements are:

    price: £1,500 max, below £1,000 even better!
    noise: currently have 39dB which is quite noisy, defo want as quiet as possible as I have two kids who are in bed when we have the pj on a lot of the time hence turning the DVD noise up to overkill the fan is not always an option
    throw: ideally long, as my 4.11m/13.5' room currently allows me to use my current pj on a 175cm wide screen, and looking at some of these short throw pj's such as Z2 show a minimum of 220cm image size at 4.11m :( and I dont want to change the screen size

    There the only requirements really! :D I assumed I would simply have to go DLP due to the superior pic quality, but dont want to get stung with the rainbow effect which I noticed a lot on the Sagem rpTV and also I see a lot of people are still preferring to use LCD with the likes of Sanyo Z2 etc - is this because the fishnet effect has been much improved nowadays? I also noticed the Z2 is only 24dB - is there better than this without going over budget?

    Also I think my Sanyo is only 800lumens but noticed a lot of others including the Z2 are only 800lumens too, thought they would have all got much brighter by now?

    Recommendations please gents!!! As I want to stay with my 32" JVC and make more use out of a quieter, brighter, better pj than less use!

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