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i am going to upgrade my PC i.e motherboard CPU memory and graphics card, i have question is what can i do with my operating system which is Win10 can it used again or is it a fresh install


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Windows is either locked to the cpu or/and the mobo . So you will have to get another "key" for windows . You can just download win10/11 from MS and transfer it to a usb


It all depends on what type of Windows key you have. If it came with the PC, then it is locked to that motherboard. If it was purchased separately then you can move it to another pc. I bought a copy of Windows 7, which in turn I upgraded to Windows 10. When I built my new pc, I deactivated the key through my Microsoft account and reactivated on my new PC. You don't need a Windows 10 key, but some of the customisation features wont work until you have activated it.


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Are you changing the OS drive ? If not then windows 10 is pretty tolerant of hardware changes even between Intel and AMD. The only time you absolutely need to reinstall is between 64 bit going down to 32 bit.

You might need to activate which you can online if you have original license key or via phone.


my motherboard is Gigabite Z590 UD AC

When you say "best" I suppose it is the top performing one supported? "11th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processors /"

Full list from Gigabyte



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Depends on how deep your pockets are.
yeah, this. And what you want to do with it.

11900K is seen as a waste of money - more expensive than it needs to be, slower than the 10900K and just seen as pointless.

11600K might be a good middle ground.

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