Upgrading Oppo BDP-83 to what?


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I'm awaiting delivery of a 3D capable TV and would like to at least try out a 3D Blu-Ray.

I'm a bit out of touch with Blu-Ray players, but need a new one to replace my now ageing, non 3D, Oppo Bdp83.

All I want is 3D, dual HDMI output (because my AV Amp isn't 3D compatible), and quiet operation.
It also needs to be at least as fast loading as my now ageing Oppo.
I don't want or need smart TV functions, nor do I need analogue outputs.

So, any recommendations.

Would like to keep it cheap as I don't believe HDMI output with 1080p 24fps Blu-Ray content is any different with high end players.... Hopefully well under £200.

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