Upgrading old Yamaha DSP-AX750SE with existing Kef speakers - buying used amp maybe?


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1st post so be kind please! I used to be pretty up to speed with home AV stuff but not so much any more .. would really appreciate some recommendations for an AV amp upgrade please?

I don’t reckon my specs below are particularly high and I’d rather buy a used amp for maybe £400 but I’m not sure what to look for in terms of say 3+ year-old amps…

I've got an aging (15year old) Yamaha DSP-AX750SE (Yamaha DSP-AX759SE review) which I just use as a speaker amp for our 50" living room screen. Room is about 5/7metres.

So the Yamaha doesn't handle HDMI, thus I'm running all my HDMI feeds to my screen (Panasonic viera TX-50AX802B) and bringing the optical audio back to the amp. The TV's HDMI inputs are now maxed.

My 5.0 speakers are Kef Q55 Floorstanders with a Kef Q200C Centre. Surrounds aren't so good - Gale 3060B. The speakers are all working well and I'm not so interested in £upgrading them or adding a sub for LFEs.

Music is good, film sound and effects good but dialog has always been really muffled despite using the Yamaha's microphone calibration, boosting the centre speaker level (I upgraded to the Q200C without much benefit) and fiddling the different DTS/DD presets. Our Yamaha YSP1600 soundbar for the kids room screen is *so* much better for dialogue.

Can anyone recommend an approx £400 replacement AV amp with the following requirements:
- better audio quality for dialogue
- matching the 5 speakers I have - max 100W
- 2 HDMI outs - at some point I plan install a dropdown projector setup filling the same wall for films, so will need to be able to switch outputs on the fly.
- Minimum 6 HDMI inputs Media sources about 90% film, 10% music: Freesat; Chromecast; Plex home server; blue-ray; squeezebox audio, oh – and a faithful original Nintendo Wii!
- screen is 4k but our internet is slow so unlikely to be feeding it 4k anytime soon but will probably may upgrade to HDR on day
- ARC isn't an issue as I use a single Logitech harmony remote

Any recommendations for a used model or £400 new would be great!

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I would suggest looking for a used Marantz SR70xx. The latest model is the SR7013 for £1200 but you may get an older model for somewhere heading towards your budget.


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Thanks Rambles, that's helpful. The SR7010 seems to go for £500 used and looks like it handles HDR and HDCP 2.2 so should last a few years. I'll keep my eye out for one.

They don't come up too often though. Any suggestions for a Yamaha (or other) equivalent?



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Bumping my post (sorry) as no easy option for used-Marantz at present.

Looks as if a new Yamaha RXV685 seems pretty decent for my needs in a £400to£500 budget - although only 5 HDMI-in. Richer sounds have for £439. It's a mid-range amp - I know my speaker set isn't fantastic so they may marry well?

Any thoughts from those with better knowledge than me?

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