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Only recently found this forum but it seems to have a wealth of info available on it so I should be able to make a well informed choice.

Basically I'm thinking about upgrading my system. I thought mine sounded good until I was listening to my mates so now I want more.

I currently have a Pioneer DV535, Sony STR-DB940, Bose Acoustimass 6 and a Panasonic 32" widescreen tv. I now realise just how limited the Bose system is but I couldn't get anything bigger at the time.

I may not change the player (yet anyway) but am looking at upgrading the amp and speakers. I'm a bit new to the whole 6.1 and 7.1 concept so not sure I fully understand all that yet. I get the principle of 6.1 with a centre rear speaker but how are you supposed to set it all up for 7.1? Also on the amps if you choose to go with 6.1 rather than 7.1, which terminal would you hook the rear centre up to?

As for amps - I'm interested in the Denon 3802/3803, Pioneer VSX 2011 mainly. If I had the budget I may go for the Denon A11SR but as I understand it the 3803 may not be far behind it in terms of performance. What are people's opinions on these?

Speakers - this is a tricky one. My lounge size is fairly small and therefore space is limited. However I'm only planning on living here for another 2 years at most and hopefully will move to somewhere with more room. I like sub/satellite packages but appreciate I could do better potentially with a full sized package. I may spend up to £1500 on speakers so what choices do I have?
I've looked at the Mordaunt Short THX speaker set (though I don't think that comes with a sub), KEF THX, B&W (not sure which), M&K, Gallo's and possibly the KEF 3005 (is that really worth almost £500 more than the 2005?)

Any help is much appreciated.

Also forgot to mention that this system will be used purely for home cinema as I have a separate hi-fi setup.


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The Mordaunt Short THX speakers have a 10" woofer in each of the front L/R dont know how good they sound though or if they would compare to a seperate sub.

I have some Mordaunt short 906 fronts and 905C center and some Eltax Linear response b.6 bipolar rears in the for sale forum, they would leave you plenty left over to get a decent sub.

Take a look at Uncle Erics powerbuys for a great sub.


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