Upgrading my TV/Sound system but I have flat layout issues

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    My blu-ray player from Panasonic recently blew its wiring after 6 years of use. It was connected to a home theatre system which comprised of several speakers, some in front and two behind me. Unfortunately the connectors and wires for these have been outdated now and so I'm forced to upgrade my whole system. Given that my Plasma 1080P Full HD 42 inch TV is also 6-7 years old I felt I should get in on these trade-in deals that Currys offer and grab myself something new, maybe a Samsung, but I'm flexible with brands.

    I don't watch a lot of TV it has to be said other than the odd show on BBC HD, but I do own Blu-rays particularly action movies or similar that have high visual spectacles to them.

    I have an IKEA BESTA unit from years ago which has a rail that I can mount the TV to but I can't recall what the recommended maximum size was for a TV to be attached to it. Given that TV bezel's are thinner now I've measured that I can fit a 48 inch TV in there fine and hopefully without issue from the unit rail. As for sound I was considering a half decent 300 Watt soundbar rather than messy speakers. I've measured and I think I can fit a small soundbar below the TV once it's up on the rail as they only have a height of around 60mm.

    However I have some concerns due to the layout of my flat/space. My viewing distance when I'm laid on my sofa which is a giant corner sofa is 3m and when I look at charts it seems to say that that kind of distance has only any decent point when you're watching a 65 inch TV. Apparently I'm supposed to be like barely 6 feet away from the TV for a 48 inch one when using modern day 1080P or Full 4K HD.

    That's one hell of a reorganisation in my flat to accomodate that. I've attached some photos of my flat layout (excuse the mess I've a lot of empty game boxes and junk to chuck down the tip so I'm kind of all over the place at the moment) where my TV is concerned - perhaps you experts could help me choose a suitable upgrade that will enable me to get the most out of my action blu-rays. You can see that my corner sofa is one of those "long" ones with a tiny bit sticking out at the end and I have my chair. Yes I could move the chair to within 6 feet but I'd like to watch my programmes lazing comfortably back on my sofa if possible. Oh yeah and I'm not entirely straight facing the TV either, I'm at a mild angle, less than 20-30 degrees.

    Should I even bother upgrading the TV at all, will I be getting any noticable improvement if I just simply went for a typical non 4K TV?


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