Upgrading My Subwoofer.....

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Hi all, in the middle of putting the finishin touches to my HC room before moving my AV gear in:D

I currently have in my bedroom a Eltax Advantguarde 5.1 system, about three years old and matching eltax sub, along with a Denon 1907 amp, recently purchased for less than £180 new.

Although Iam tempted to buy a new system for my dedicated HC room the Eltax system still does a job, ( I still want as opposed to need a new system:devil:)

Due to the small size room and advice on here ive decided not to invest in two extra surround speakers and invest in just a sub instead. for now anyway.....:rolleyes:

Anyone recommend a replacement sub for my system, budget of £150ish?

Thanks in advance


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At the risk of immediately busting your budget, the Mordaunt Short MS309i can be had for £175 and is well regarded even at it's full RRP.

It's certainly a cut above anything else I can think of for £150 and it will see you through any other system upgrades that may be on the cards.


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