Question Upgrading my Samsung 50" 551 plasma. OLED?


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Day to day use:

Some gaming, not much.. roughly 3-6 hours a week.
Evening use during the weekdays mostly consisting of
regular TV shows / channels. Will be watching movies, especially
during the weekends.

Been reading so many negative comments regarding OLED technology.
I'm at a point now where I'm actually being pulled away from buying a new OLED TV.

Been checking out the LG C8 65".

My main and only concern, yup you guessed correctly, burn-in.

It's such a widely discussed subject / issue that it cannot be ignored.
Many claim their TV is showing early signs of burn-in after 1-2 years.

These TV's are _expensive_. Yet you need to be careful with what content you watch,
for how long etc. It all sounds a bit disappointing.

Great blacks, vivid colours. It's great. Ultra slim panels. Awesome. But is the burn-in risk
worth all that? At this price point? People say "The burn-in hysteria is blown out of proportion".

I disagree. There is a reason for so many people to complain about this.

I'm currently considering the Samsung Q9FN 65" as a possible alternative to the C8.
This will not get burn-in or severe image retention, and it still offer great colours and blacks
nearly on par with most OLED TV's.

My main priority: When I spend this kind of money, it's a long time investment.
I do not care much for buying a TV that starts to get sick after a couple of years.



Slightly surprised that a plasma owner would be so easily swayed by the burn-in hysteria (yes it is), given the exact same thing was being said about your purchase at the time you made it. What made you choose plasma over LCD, when there was just as much baseless nonsense about how plasmas would get burn-in if you so much as brought a video game console within twenty feet of them? OLED is no more (and indeed substantially less based on what I've read from people who've owned both) susceptible to burn-in than plasma was/is. Do you have burn-in on your plasma? If so, perhaps OLED isn't for you. If not, you probably don't need to worry.


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My old Plasma had very bad burn-ins after 9 years of use. At the time I purchased it, it was quite new to the market - where Plasmas became more affordable. This was, however, a cheaper model than most other TV's. Yet, for me, it was still a lot of money.

I experienced more and more retention and burn-ins. It was not heavily present, but
if you looked, it was there.

Now, hearing so much burn-in gossip makes me think twice. This time, I'm going to invest a lot more money into a new TV, and well, I want to make sure I dont opt for technology that has major flaws in it. I have many friends that recently opted for normal LED LCD (QLED too) and
not OLED due to the fact, there are no safe guards, and no garuantees given.
And you read a lot about it. I get why they opted for the QLED, LED LCD TV's. It feels safe.
At least they have a TV not causing concern regarding burn-ins. It's just such a thorn in the side,
once it happens.

I'm trying to fish for some persuasive inputs here, as to why I should give OLED a go.
The LG C8 looks amazing though. Unreal colour gamut and blacks. Very realistic.

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Well had my E7 14 months and i watch it as I’ve watched all my previous tvs and game quite a bit and can only give my honest experience which is not one issue it’s the best tv tech I’ve ever seen.Im aware of burn in but also I can’t stand dse on an lcd in football.
I’d say just get the tv your heart is set on and you’ll enjoy it whether it be Oled or lcd but me I can’t praise the image an Oled gives enough but decide with your own eyes.
By the way Qled is just an lcd tv it’s not some new wonder technology.Also veiw the Q9:thread and you’ll find owners not happy with dse and changing panels two or three times.Oled isn’t all about the blacks either as also colours just pop off the screen and nearly would never persuade me as I want that blackest of blacks which makes the colours amazing.
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Decent points there. May I ask, how do you "use" your TV? Have you enabled all the
"anti burn-in" settings on your TV?

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No I think tv takes care of itself as if paused it dims until paused.The main thing is leave it plugged in on standby so it will run its compensation cycle after every 4 hours in total of veiwing once put into standby which takes approx 7 minutes you can hear it click when it’s done.Ive not baby sat my tv I’ve used it normally and it’s done 6,500 hours veiwing in 12 months so you can see it’s watched and enjoyed.I also do lots of gaming


Do yourself a favour get the Q9. Incredible blacks yet fall a little bit short against OLED but the most positive thing the HDR and nits are much higher, you don’t have to worry about static images and it will last a lot longer than OLED. Saying this while I’m owning an oled television as well. Just don’t go the oled route if you want to keep your tv for a long time. If you like to change every 3-4 years to a new television OLED could be an option to.

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If you want an Oled then I’d get one if I was you but if you prefer a Q9 I’d hold off and get the new 2019 model that’s on its way as they say it is a much better tv than the Q9 but it will be full price when it’s released but I’d wait for the new model if you prefer lcd.
Personally I’d get an E9 if I was going Oled as they say the sound is fantastic.My E7 sounds great and also I just love the picture on glass design but my 55 was £1499 which is why I decided to see what Oled is about it was a bargain at that price.
With each new model of Oled the chances of burn in diminish as they improve the panel.
On Q9 thread someone’s waiting for his third tv as the first two had stuck pixels so it’s a panel lottery with any technology but you can never judge a tv in a store no matter what.I never even viewed an E7 I just went with my heart with the Black Friday price drop and I’d give my E7 ten out of ten as in 14 months it’s been faultless so you see there are people like me with there first panel who have no issues at all.No bands and no burn in and no tint and no motion issues but I’m sure you will like me enjoy your new tv no matter the technology but I’m a total Oled convert now.If my E7 packed up today I’d get another tomorrow as with my eyes nothing else comes close.
Let me know how you go on.

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I've got a 2016 Panasonic OLED and despite the statistical alarm bells ringing in the burn in Thread it's been absolutely fine.

I used to do all-night sessions on "Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" with a ton of fixed graphics and HUD on-screen, and still no sign of burn in.

There is clearly a risk due to the inherent structure of the technology, and there is enough photographic evidence on that Thread to support this. Conversely, I don't recall anyone starting a Thread called, "I love my OLED and it has no problems"! People are more vocal when there are issues, you don't tend to say much when everything's fine.

OLED still provides the best overall picture quality IMO, but I imagine a top notch LCD would probably push it close. And every technology has its problems; you may decide to go LCD to avoid burn in and get issues elsewhere.

Coming from the legendary Kuro, I can confidently say that the OLED is the best picture I've ever seen, but I can completely understand your caution as it's a lot of money and not something you'd be looking to replace anytime soon.

I suppose, like Staffy suggests, you'd need to see a current OLED versus a top quality LCD back-to-back with the sort of content you usually watch, then you can make an informed decision with your own eyes.

Good luck!:)


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Thanks for inputs guys.

I want to my local TV store today and I saw the C8 right next to the Q9.
The C8 had some serious burn-in, after being on display for about a year.
Not that surprised, but all in all I do feel that the picture quality comes close.

Those blacks of the OLED is pure magic. Really really impressive.

Despite some blooming, the Q9 comes pretty close with high performance in dark areas.

The colours do pop quite massively, and the contrast is great, with an abnoxious amount of brightness available.

The Q9 comes with the One Connect box, a concept which suits my living room space quite well.

It also supports the No Gap wall mount from Samsung, which is quite nice in my honest opinion.

I do not think I will wait for the 2019 models. You could say this every year, "wait for the new ones", but to be truthful, they will be waaaay over my budget, and I do not have the patience to wait half a year or longer in order to get a decent priced TV.

The C8 65" is right now priced at 2600$ in Norway. The Q9 65" is towering at 3500$!
This is an extremely huge gap. Not a price worth paying right now I think. Especially
when the C8 just got a price reduction at every single stockist. Perhaps the price of the Q9
will be lowered soon too.. I hope so. Rough play, this TV-buying madness. :D

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