Upgrading my DSP-A1


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Hi guys,

My current setup is a combination of a Yammy RX-V 765 and the DSP-A1 to power my speakers (Dali Blue series - 8008 fronts, C1000 center and 2002 rears). My sub is an SVS PC12+

The 765 was bought for the video switching/upscaling features and is being used as both a pre/pro and to power the center and rear channels while the A1 handles the fronts. I originally planned on using the A1 as a power amp for all 5 speakers, but it turns out one of the A1's rear pre-in channels is dead and the center pre-in channel is dodgy (drop-outs etc.). The A1 has served me very well, but I can't help but think that it is wasted on my system, since it is technically just being used as a 2-channel power amp.

I am considering finally retiring the A1, replacing it with a (second hand, multichannel) power amp and using the 765 as a pre/pro only. I have a few questions to go with that idea:

1. Would something like a Rotel RMB 1075/1565 or Arcam P1000/P7 be good enough to give me a clear improvement over my current setup? If not, what should I be looking for? (I am liking the idea of the P7 and bi-amping my fronts)

2. Is the 765 any good as a pre/pro, or will it become a bottleneck very fast?

3. Would I be better off just upgrading my speakers straight away? (I realise these will probably be the next bottleneck anyway...)

Thanks in advance.


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Added question: I've noticed that quite a few people on these forums still use their DSP-A1s - some even as a processor... Is there any way I could get those pre-ins fixed to use it as a power amp, and if so - would it be worth it?
I would say go for a 2nd hand DSP-Z7 to replace both. This would be roughly the same cost as a 2nd hand P7, but you could obviously then sell the 765. That would allow some time for Receivers/Processors to settle down a bit, before you commit to something a bit more long term. This in turn gives you time to concentrate on replacing the speakers, if that is something you plan on doing fairly soon.


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Thanks for the suggestion - I had thought about a Z7, but they are rather hard to find 2nd hand, and I wonder if it would actually give me much of an improvement over my current combo to be honest. Is the power amp of the Z7 (much) better than that of the A1?

I am currently playing around with passive bi-amping of my front L+R (using both front and rear pre-ins on the A1) - I would have thought this can't cause any harm to my system - am I wrong? :rolleyes:

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