Upgrading my B&W 602S2s -- to a 683? a C9? a C8?


Hi AVForums friends,

Looking for some tips on what to do with my home setup. I love the B&W brand and would ideally like to stick with them. Currently have some older B&Ws that were built in England rather than China, but not intense on that one way or another. I want to upgrade my front L/Rs to some bigger floorstanders with some more power once I move out of this tiny apartment and to a home and then shuffle the rest of the system around.

My Current setup:
  • Front L/R: B&W 602 S2
  • Center: LCR 60
  • Rears: LM1
My general plan is:
  • Upgrade fronts to something like the B&W 683 or C8 or C9...
  • Move 602 S2's to floor stands to become my new surrounds (or, "rear surrounds", not sure which is recommended)
  • Buy a solid new Denon Amp to power everything -- looking at either a 105 W/channel or a 140 W/channel option.
  • Probably set up as a 7.1 for now... may buy 4 ceiling speakers later for Dolby Atmos but aim for 7.1 to start.
  • Buy a Subwoofer -- don't have one yet. Maybe the B&W ASW 1000 or ASW..something 8 or 10. Saw good comments about the Hsu Research one.
  • What do you recommend for fronts in that range? I am buying them used and want to spend $1000-$1500 for the pairs. Seeing lots of good stuff locally in good shape. 683s, 684s, and some of the C-ranges: C7, C8, C9.. I saw a C8 S2 as well, all around that price range.
  • Where should I move the 602 S2's to in the new setup? Side surround or rear surround?
  • Should I upgrade my Center Channel? I am currently running it with the 602 S2's offset in the amp settings at a higher DB than the other speakers... never found it very clear or loud enough, if I am being honest. If I do choose to upgrade the LCR 60... what do you recommend? LCR 60? HTM 61? CDM-CNT? I saw a lot of hate online for the HTM 61 though the B&W website "claims" that HTM 61 is purpose-built to match the 683s...
  • Should I make use of the LM1s for one of the rear or side surrounds? Or sell them and get something that would fit this setup better?
  • Any tips on Subwoofer? Stick with B&W or just go with something else?
Any other tips or thoughts would be much appreciated!
Mike :)


If you like the B&W house sound, I'd go for a pair of used N805s. I moved from the 600 series to the 805s (and then the 804Ss and the 802s) and it's an unbelievable difference in clarity.

You should be able to pick up a pair for under $1500.

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