UPGRADING Mission Elegante or MA Silver Series


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hi guys i have a bit of a task for you all

I currently have the acoustic energy aegis evo 3B 5.1 speaker package and am considering upgrading my entire home system
my question is would the speakers below offer a greater improvement on my current speakers
or would i have to spend more again to notice the improvement ( if so any suggestions)

i really want to upgrade so that not only my movie experience is great but also my music experience too

option 1
Monitor Audio Silver RS Series
Monitor Audio RS8 £799
Monitor Audio LCR Speaker £250
Monitor Audio RSFX Rear Channel Speakers £399
total £1448 (also will recieve £200 voucher off next purchase)

option 2

Mission Elegante
Mission E-83 Elegante £799
Mission E-8C Elegante £199
Mission E-80 Elegante £249 or (E-81 £299)
total £1247

also i would really like it if you guys could recomend some suitable reciver-amps(£800-1k) must perform well with music
also stand alone cd player (up to £600)
a dvd player although this is not a priority as i am happy with my pioneer 575 (and dont realy want to spend a fortune when the next gen is just around the corner )

i am not sure of the sub choice yet although i like the look of the velodyne range and also the rel range too

my current room is aprox 5mtrs x 3mtrs
but after our extension is done it will be aprox 5mtrs x 10mtrs

thanks and please feel free to ask any questions


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Why not consider the following

GS10 fronts a GSLCR centre and some RSFX rears this combo works very well together. I am using a Rel R305 sub with the above connected using both the high level input to reinforce the fronts and the .1 input.

In stereo the combination of the GS10 and Rel Sub (using the high level feed only)sound superb and would work really well in the size room you have ,


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thanks for your reply

they look very good indeed, but i should have mentioned that i have three young(rowdy) boys who have already knocked my evo1 off it stand once before:eek:
its for this reason that i would prefer floorstanders at the front and wall mounted rears ;)
i will look up the sub you mentioned
thanks again your response
do the gold series do floorstanders (also there doesnt seem to be many uk retailers for the gold series)


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yes but with floorstanders they seem to stay away from them but the stands just seem to scream bump me:rotfl:

is there anyone out there who has upgraded from evo3b package if so what did you go for

does anyone have the mission elagante or ma silver series if so what do you think

do i need to consider spending more for the upgrade

Neil Hawkes

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Hi Jace,

I have the MA Silvers, which can be summed up in one word "superb".

Sample with other speakers and you'll see what I mean!


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hi neil how do they sound with music in stereo (i prefer not to use the sub when listening to music through floorstanders )

also what does the your partner(if you have one ) think of them and do the fx rears work well (st staying out of eye line )and sounstaging the rear affects

tahoe joe

Jace, I also have the MA silver, and I completely agree with Neil...superb! They sound great for stereo music, I actually play mine with no sub, and there is no lack of low end frequencies, or any frequencies for that matter. They are truly outstanding full-range floorstanders.

And I got a nice approval from the Mrs., she loves the real wood cabinets. Let her pick the color and you can't go wrong...

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