Upgrading GPU and PSU on Acer pre-built system

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Proctimus Prime, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Hi fellas,

    A mate of mine recently bought an Acer Aspire M5201. Its got a 9500 GS. He's planning on upgrading to a hd 4870.

    However the PSU he's currently got is only 400w. I told him this isn't enough and he will need at least 520w to run a 4870.

    So he went looking for a new PSU, and he's decided on a 650w Corsair TX.

    However neither of us are sure if this PSU or indeed the graphics card will work in his system.
    The Corsair PSU is obviously ATX, but we are not sure if his motherboard supports ATX. I assumed it would, however when he phoned up Acer customer support they told him the motherboard wouldn't support ATX. Although he had the inclination that the guy didn't really know what he was talking about. He said it sounded like the guy didn't even know what ATX was!

    We tried finding out what motherboard the computers actually got, but we can't find out. It seems to be some Acer made board, that there is absolutley no info on it. There also seems to be little to no info on what PSU he's got, only that it is 400w.

    So basically what we are asking you guys is...

    Do you think it would be ok to put a Corsair TX 650w PSU into his Acer, in order to run a new 4870 which he also plans on putting in his computer. Is there any other factors he should consider when upgrading a pre-built system?

    Would appreciate any help on this! :thumbsup:


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    Hi PP, just had a look at this particular model, & it seems it'll house a standard-sized PSU & graphics card.

    But, just to be sure, do measure the size of the present PSU (W x H x D), & the space from the PCI slots on the rear towards the front of the case. A 4870 card can be up to 10 inches (25.5cm) long. You'll also need to take into consideration the 6pin connectors, which will need another inch lengthwise. In addition, the card occupies 2-3 slots, because of the large cooler - so check the space for this as well.

    Any quality 500W PSU with 2x dedicated (ideally) 6pin PCI-E connectors will be enough. The system appears to have a Phenom 9650 X4 CPU, so it will need a PSU with a standard 24pin main power connector & either a 4/8pin motherboard 12V connector (if it has a 8pin 12V connector, then a twin-molex to 8pin adapter cable will do - i.e. if the PSU you're going to buy doesn't natively come with this).

    The Corair PSU is excellent, but will be overkill I feel & isn't modular. So may I suggest a 650W NorthQ Black Magic Flex modular PSU for under £50 in Scan/todayonly (free delivery courtesy of AVF-Scan). Its dimensions are 150 x 86 x 160 mm (WxHxD). A modular PSU is desirable as one can use only the cables required, which is very useful in a small/cramped case such as this.

    Do all the upgrades very carefully, as any damage caused due to negligence isn't likely to be covered under the Acer warranty.

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