Upgrading gamin pc please help


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Hi I’m looking to upgrade the cpu and mother board in my gaming pc Im looking to upgrade from an AMD fx 6300 cpu to something better but affordable like a Ryzen 7 3700x but I can’t decide on a good motherboard to accommodate it as my old motherboard is to out of date to utilize that new of a cpu. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m a rookie when it comes to building PCs and upgrading them


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I’m trying to find something that can run the new company of hero’s game and total war warhammer 3


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AM4 socket. What is your budget?
I would go for a B450 board, something like the MSI B450m Mortar. Around £50. And then depending on your budget rather a ryzen 3600 or 5600.
Intel new chip is best bang to buck but they are non existent


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I’m trying to get them one at a time as I can afford them my budget is about 600 right now and my motherboard is such an outdated pos that I’m not sure which to get first the motherboard or the processor


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You're also going to need:
Memory (because your old RAM will not work with a new CPU/motherboard) - 16GB would be recommendation these days. DDR4, 3200 or faster. 8GB "would do" if budget can't stretch but will be the minimum to get away with.
GPU - depends what you have already but they are like rocking horse poop to get hold of. Both the games you are after have a 1060 GTX at recommended specifications.

To be honest, it doesn't matter which order you buy them in - the motherboard is useless without the CPU, and the CPU is useless without the new motherboard to plug it into. They are both going to sit on the shelf till you have at least - motherboard, CPU and RAM. And the 5600X or 3600x CPUs don't have built in graphics so would also be need a graphics card to use it at all.

A look on the members market here may get you a GPU capable for example:

The other option for GPUs is Telegram alerts, which give you a headsup about the availability of the Founders Edition Cards and some of the AMD equivalents.

FE Card invite link
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