Upgrading from Yamaha RX-V795aRDS to...

Which Amp?

  • Yamaha RX-A1010

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Denon AVR-3313

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Pioneer SC-2022

    Votes: 2 50.0%

  • Total voters


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My current set up consists of: Yamaha RX-V795aRDS / Monitor Audio BR2 / Monitor Audio Bronze B Centre / Monitor Audio Bronze BFX Rears. And I love the sound of the Yamaha Amp, but its 14 years old now and its missing many modern features which I'm after.

I'm looking to spend approximately £500-£600 and I've lined up the following 3 amps which I hope will fit the bill:

Yamaha RX-A1010 = £550
Pioneer SC-2022 = £499
Denon AVR3313 = £599

I've heard the Pioneer can be a bit bright, and I'm worried that without a sub (my space can't accomodate one) as part of my set-up that could be a problem. But this seems to offer pretty much everything the LX56 does but at half the price, seems like a bargain.

I've been loaned a Denon 1711 from a friend but I hear the latest 'xx13' series from Denon is a big leap from the 'xx11' and 'xx12' so that might not be the best test to get a taste of the characteristics of a Denon. But the Denon 3313 has been getting great reviews so it's hard to ignore.

I've heard nothing but good things the Yamaha RX-A1010 and being a fan of Yamaha I'm certainly leaning towards it. But with this already being an old model, and the 1030 surely around the corner should I be waiting for the 1020 to drop in price instead?

Any advice or experience of these amps compared to one another would be of great help. Cheers.


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Turns out I was actually loaned a Denon 2310 (not a 1711) and its a huge disappointment.

The clarity and detail is decent, but it lacks any impact or grunt. I've had it set to maximum volume and it simply sound feeble. My decade old Yamaha has enough punch to feel like I've been physically assaulted even at a fraction of the volume.

I know its not all about volume, but an amp that can't shake the room just a little doesn't cut it. With this is mind I've ordered a Pioneer SC-2022 from Superfi. Fingers crossed it'll meet my expectations or its going straight back.


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Personally I would have stuck with the Yamaha as I think you will find the pioneer too bright.
Mind you I may be biased as I've got an rx-a3010 with the ma radius he speakers and they sound fantastic.



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Well the Pioneer will be arriving tomorrow, so I'll be giving it a thorough test in the evening and reporting back here if I have time. If its not what I'm after it'll be returned immediately and I'll picking up the Yamaha instead. I'm hoping the Pioneer will impress though.


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Well I've just got the Pioneer Amp up and running. Not had as much time to calibrate it as I would have liked but I'm already pleased with the result. It blows the Denon out of the water in every aspect; its got power, its got punch, but its also got finesse too.

It certainly hasn't got the 'warm' Yamaha sound that I'm used to, but its not as bright as I was expecting based upon reports. If anything the Denon was actually a lot brighter. The only thing its lacking is a little bit of dynamic range in the quietest of scenes, but I'm sure a little tweaking will go a long way to remedy this.

Also of note the basic set-up was quick and painless, even despite the awful remote (need to get my Harmony One sorted out ASAP). I'll post again if I change my mind, but so far its a keeper.

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