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[edited - I had the wrong model number!]

I have had my 4 bay Synology DS410j NAS for years. I just use it for music, video etc. Nevertheless, there's the best part of 8TB of data on there. I have 4 x 4tb disks on there.

One of the disks failed last week and I replaced it. The whole process reminded my just how painfully slow the NAS is. Sometimes it literally takes a minute or so to respond to a click. Backing up files to external drives takes literally days.

So I'm thinking about upgrading. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have seen the DS 420j at about £260 and TBH, I don't want to spend more than that. Will it be much faster?

The other thing is I'm rather terrified of the process of setting the whole thing up. I remember how painful it was setting this one up. I'm really out of my comfort zone with all this. So I really want to be able to just pull out the drives from my current setup and slot them in the new one, and all my mapped drives etc on my PC will still work. Is that possible? I think there might be a challenge there because my DS410j is only on DSM5.something - I cannot upgrade to anything more recent.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure about the specifics of your example but most Synology boxes allow you to install your old drives in a new box and keep all the data. I would always ensure you have a backup before attempting this though as obviously there is always a risk. I would think there would still be some setting up to do to ensure your old links etc still work, but this might be as simple as ensuring the new NAS is given the same fixed IP address as your old one.

Someone is selling a DS420j in the classifieds at the moment which might be of interest to you.



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I bought the NAS that @Souljacker99 pointed me towards, thank you very much.

I did just switch over the 4 x HDDs and things mostly went smoothly - I did have an issue mapping drives on my Windows File Explorer but somehow I did eventually get it to work!

The DS420j is lightning quick - I should have upgraded ages ago.

One other problem I still have, and I don't know whether anyone can help, is I cannot access the NAS from outside my home network (e.g. when I'm at work) on Quickconnect (it tells me the site can't be reached). But when I do it on my mobile phone - whether with an app or just the browser using Quickconnect - I can access it! Makes no sense to me.

I have followed all the steps in the Synology tutorial. When I sign into my Synology account to "check if the status of QuickConnect is normal", I get the following messages:

  • Synology DDNS connection is normal.
  • Synology DDNS connection failed. Please check your network status.
  • Synology DDNS connection check is disabled. To resume this service, please go to DSM > Control Panel > External Access, or SRM > Network Center > Internet > QuickConnect & DDNS and enable Heartbeat.
I have checked all those things and everything seems to be correct in the settings. Does anyone please have any ideas what the problem might be?

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