Upgrading from PS3 to 4 with Logitech Harmony Remote


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I have just upgraded my PS3 for a PS4, only trouble now is controlling it with my Harmony One which it wont do with the Logitech PS3 adapter but from what I have read, the new Logitech hub will with the right remote.

So the question is which Logitech hub and remote should I go for?
Ideally want to keep a screen on the remote for ease of use so should I be looking at the Harmony Ultimate One plus the Harmony Ultimate Hub?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated as its looking like an expensive option.


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Just got a PS4 myself and have to say that the Harmony control for PS4 is pretty rubbish. I have the Harmony Ultimate and pairing to the PS4 via bluetooth was ok. But unlike the PS3 you don't get full control with the PS4.

  1. Due to Sony's limitations the Harmony can't be used to power on or off the PS4.

  2. Not all the PS4 apps support it. It's own Media Player app does, Amazon Instant Video & Youtube are ok. But BBC iPlayer doesn't work via the remote. Not sure what other apps might not be supported at the moment.

  3. I've setup a PS4 activity to tell my TV to turn on and the AV receiver to turn on and switch to the right input. But it's not currently switching inputs even though I've treble checked the activity is setup correctly in the MyHarmony software on my computer. Very strange and it's only the PS4 activity out of the 6 I have setup that doesn't work. Even the fix it option once the activity starts won't sort it out or show the correct input to manually select. Have to go to devices and select my av receiver and then choose the input from there.

So be warned. It's not the smooth sailing experience you had on the PS3 even if you do buy the newer Hub based system.


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I know what you mean Macros.

Sounds like it's hardly worth the bother and expense then. For some reason I had to manually turn on my PS3 anyhow as the harmony wouldn't do it so no change there. Luckily I can get online stuff on my tv, although I don't really use any of them.

TBH I'll probably just wait another year or so until some one comes out with a proper all in one remote PS4 work around unless I can be convinced otherwise. Cynical.... no just tired LOL.


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I used to have a Harmony 1100 with the PS3 adapter and that worked fine for turning the PS3 on and off(Originally the first release Phat, now the slim). Then I swapped to the Harmony Ultimate as the two handed use of the 1100 wasn't for me. So with the hub having bluetooth the PS3 adapter wasn't needed and it turned the PS3 on and off without issue.

It's a great remote and the newer versions I'm sure are just as good. Just the PS4 has limitations that are no fault of Logitech's. Hopefully greater control will come with Sony having an official remote coming out around now. But at the moment it's a disappointing experience for PS4.


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Resurrecting old thread. I can't get my harmony remote to work in Amazon video. Works fine controlling PS4 but as soon as I open the app I can't navigate. Netflix works ok so this is weird.


Give us some more detail.
What do you mean by "open the app", and do the commands work direct from Devices?

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