Upgrading from Pro Logic to DTS av reciever, advice needed


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Hi all. I recently invested in a 1080p samsung lcd, so I've decided it's about time I upgraded my sound system too.

Currently I have a fairly ancient Yamaha dsp-a492 pro logic av amp. I want to upgrade to something which can handle dts, but I'm not very up on recent technology and am feeling a bit lost and confused working out what I need to buy.

I want to be able to plug my xbox360, sky+ box, dvd player and PC into it, all using optical out. I also have a CD seperate and some classic consoles I'd like to connect using normal stereo rca jacks. 2 or more HDMI inputs would be useful, but not essential, as my TV has 2 HDMI sockets and currently I only have 2 HDMI devices (xbox and pc).

I already have a set of speakers which I am happy with (mission bookshelf speakers connected to the front channel, sony centre speaker and pair of rear speakers), which are connected to my current amp using bare wire style clamp terminals. I also have a sony passive sub I'd like to make use of.

My questions start here:- am I going to be able to buy an entry-level reciever which will meet my needs for under £200? Is it possible to get just a dts decoder/amp, forgetting the whole video side, in order to save myself some cash?

Lastly, am I going to be able to make use of my existing speakers with pos-neg bare wires, or do I need to do some upgrading? Banana plugs? Also, can I get a reciever which will make use of my passive sub, or am I going to need to find a seperate amp to drive the sub?

:confused: Any and all input gratefully recieved! :confused:


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A common place - i'm in a similar situation, considering moving from a DSP-E800....

I'm not sure of sub £200, sure it's possible to get something: ONKYO TXSR576 HOME CINEMA RECEIVER - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/4127 for details

A great unit and whilst it doesn't do the very top end HD codecs it is excellent, you would be best placed connecting the components you have to the unit for video and audio switching, that way you only have one lead to the TV and you change the amplifier input to change the video and audio source.

The Onkyo is excellent, but if you were to move to Blu Ray in the future it might be worth future proofing now and getting something like this as it does everything!

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