Upgrading from old SA AX710 - is it worth it?


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You may already be laughing, but we have a Technics SA AX710, Symphony 6 fronts, JPW sub and some cr4ppy wharfedale centre with AS rears (don't know model)

Now this was "inherited" via my partner and I want to upgrade but am having trouble - she says "it's good enough" I disagree.

I'm putting together a shortlist, but theres seems to be soooo much choice nowadays that I really need help.

So I've got a "few" ;) questions.

1. Modern amps - I think it's a daft question to ask, but would one of my choices (8/912, 440/540/640 etc) be a good improvement?
2. Which amps tend to have the best compromise between music and home cinema? For the £300 ish range. Was initially thinking the 640se, then wondered if it's worth the extra over the 440se, or if the 812 is better than an 1803. I guess they're "all" great?
3. Speakers - The Tannoy FX5.1 can be had for a great price, but I've always been dubious of small satellite speakers compared to bookshelfs/floorstanders. Is this a good cinema/hifi package, or would it be better to go for a package like an M70? I have an old pair of 751s - would these be better as fronts or have things moved on that much, that the cheap bookshelfs are better nowadays?
4. DVD player. Was set on a 565. Then saw reviews of the Limit 900. Now just seen reviews of the Denon 770sd. I know theres always something better around the corner, but I want to get the best that I can, for the budget I have. Richer are doing the 565 for £150, which seems like a fantastic deal. Currently "borrowing a Sony S725P.

All this will be hooked up to a Philips 9308.

So it's an open ended question, but could do with some personal experience recommendations, rather than relying on magazine lab type reports. Plus the more noticeable the improvements, the easier my life will be ;)

Thanks in advance.


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Hi deadscoob and welcome to the forums :)

I have no experience of your Technics SA AX710, but things are never as cut and tried as you hope! In my experience you would be better off buying a second-hand amp/receiver. I have a Denon AVR3802 and I think it is superior in every department compared with the amps you mention - I bought it for £375.00 (a year ago?) through the "Hardware for sale section" and it is as new.

I also use a Limit 900 DVD player that you mention - picture quality is good, but if you value sound quality in both movies
and sound it's a stormer! I have owned a Toshiba SD900e, a Denon 2800 MKII, a Harman Kardon DVD25 and a Sony NS900V. The pic from the Limit is not disgraced when up against such "opposition", whilst it surpasses all of them as regards sound quality.

As for speakers - I am like you........I prefer floorstanders and full size speaker set ups over satellites. There are some good quality speakers over at Digital Direct - they're a little bit of a "bodge" with the centre speaker being black and floorstanders and rears being beech, but I don't think you will beat them for price/sound quality.

Add a Paradigm PS 1000 sub woofer S/H from the hardware for sale section again and the Denon AVR3802, Limit 900, Acoustic Energy speakers along with the Paradigm PS 1000 sub would make for an excellentt setup (for around £800.00)!

I hope that helps :)



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Hi Deadscoob and welcome :) I agree with Sigismund about the Limit 900SE. I have a nad 541i cd player and it is nearly as good as it and it also plays dvd's!! What more could you want?? ;)

If im right you have Eltax fronts (the symphony's) I would recommend the eltax ht2 bipolars for your rear speakers. They are excellant with movies really open up the sound.
The only problem is if you want to keep with eltax and you should keep all the front 3 speakers the same make RS only have on centre on there webpage. They may have more in individual stores.
The amp is really a problem you can only solve by demoing amps against yours. We can all recommend this make or that make but you may not like the warm sound from a denon or the more in your face sound from a pioneer for example.

Hope this helps and you can always try to sell your old stuff on here in the classifieds.


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Thanks for the replies.

The symphony 6s are ok, but I prefer the sound from the 751s.

RS seem to have a good deal on an Eltax package as well as the Mission FS1s....And the Tannoy FX.. Theres too much choice nowadays!

So I'd assume the limit 900 is a better all rounder than the 565 judging by your comments?



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I havent had chance to listen to the 565 but it was my original choice. I mainly went for this because it was given a try for a week at home and if you dont like it then return it. As you can see I havent returned it !!! I am tempted to get a 565 from RS and try them back to back and keep the dvd that i prefere. I just have to get to my local RS and hope they have one in stock. Then I will post a review of the pair of them on here. There are a couple of people who have said that the sound is better than a few other (quality) dvd's they have used.

By the way the picture is also superb via RGB only squart cable. No standby is a pain but i will live with it :)

Out of interest what sound modes does the old amp have (dts/es/matrix/Dpl/Dpl2 etc)??


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It's an old amp, so I think the only mode it has is pro logic and discreet 5.1 or something.

Am still swaying towards the 565 as RS are doing them for only £150, which is a steal.......


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Deadscoob - apologies for the brevity of this post, just wanted to comment on the 751's. As i am sure you know they are a cracking little speaker and for me one of my favourite purchases - always regret selling them :rolleyes:. they may not fit in with your next purchases, although you could consider them as rear speakers with a pair of 780s for the front with matching centre if in budget.



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If you want a region 2 only player as there is NO region hack for the 565. You will have to spend more to buy a multi-region player from RS. The Limit has a handset hack.

You should notice a difference if only from pro-logic 2. I personally prefere to use DTS if its available on a dvd and you can also play witht he dts:neo 6 to see if you prefere it over DPL2 for tv and stereo music. I would say Upgrade!!!!


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Have only got 2 at the mo anyway - although I noticed RS are doing a multi region 565 for £152 :)

Cheers for all the replies

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