Question Upgrading from my 55 "KS7000

mr starface

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Currently own the KS7000, not had a problem with it (though dolby vision support would be nice).

Due to a new extension am getting a 55" set for the kitchen/diner and wondered if its worth putting my samsung in there and getting a new set for the living room if there is a better one around in my budget?

Could maybe stretch to 1k and would also consider second hand from the forums. Was thinking maybe an OLED, something like the LG OLED55B8SLC which could get for around 1k using discounts I have. Just not sure how much of an improvement I would see to justify the expenditure? If not a lot in it then would be best saving 500 quid and just buying a generic 55" 4k set for the new room.

Any advice appreciated!


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Not worth upgrading. The cost will far outweigh the benefits.

You’d be spending a grand for improved contrast and Dolby Vision support.

Interested to know why DV support would be nice. Do you have any DV sources?

mr starface

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Thanks, thats what I was suspecting. In regard to DV its mostly the Netflix titles that make use of it I was thinking of.


There is not a lot of sense in that when you are going to put a 55" TV in the kitchen!

Women eh?:D

I think the B8 will be an improvement nontheless, its a different technology with pixel by pixel dimming so whilst it won't get as bright with HDR as the KS7000 it won't have any problems with separating light bits from dark compared to an LCD. On top of that you also have next to no motion blur on an OLED compared to average motion blur on your current LCD.

The downsides really will only be peak HDR brightness...maybe dark frame insertion if you use that.. thats about it.

Is it worth it? Probably not. It probably makes more sense to go for a cheap TV in the other room since the KS7000 is still a very decent TV. I think the KS7000 deserves far better than just being a kitchen TV...unless you also like to watch HDR shows while eating your dinner ;)

mr starface

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Thanks - thats a big help

Ongoing extension works means the kitchen/diner is pretty spacious so could even get away with a 60" there but OH insists 55" is max for living room - am working on it.

I think I'm almost trying to convince myself to upgrade as I love new toys, but common sense probably says its not worth an extra £500......

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