Upgrading from KEF Q1's F/R and Q9C - budget £1K - other recommendations please.


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On a mega upgrade mission at the moment with possibly 2 auditions of receivers in the pipeline soon (nearly threw the towel in altogether).

I would like to improve on my current speakers but I don't think I need to replace my sub. BTW this is not the MKII version, this one was purchased a while ago via these very good forums when it was on a power buy :smashin:

So wondering what would be a vast improvement, so I have some ideas on what to demo along with the various receivers.

It had been suggested to me that the following set-up would be better than my current KEF system.

Monitor Audio RS5 for fronts
Monitor Audio RSLCR for centre
Monitor Audio BRFX for rears

I will be listening to the above with the receivers on demo, but would really like some other recommendations to throw into the mix please.

My room is 4.3M x 3.7M if it helps out.

Many thanks in advance,



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Another option is:

KEF IQ5SE's for fronts
KEF IQ6C for centre
KEF IQ1's for rears

But I also appreciate that to get the best sound... my budget needs to be a tad larger, which is not possible right now :(

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