Upgrading from KEF 2005.3 eggs to Atmos setup


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Hi all

I am just starting out my journey in exploring upgrading from my KEF eggs, of which I have in a relatively standard 5.1 setup.

I am wanting to upgrade to an Atmos setup and will be booking in some visits to listen to options. My query though is can I cheat a little and replace the front 3 and leave 2 eggs at the surround positions? Is it possible, what do I need to look out/keep in mind about it?

I would then get upfiring speakers to place ontop the Front L&R. I do not have my partners agreement to drill into the wall or cut holes in the ceiling, so upfiring is my only solution. I have already heard some KEF options recently, with the Q50a but they were in a different environment not comparable to my own room.

Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.


You can certainly use the Eggs on surround duties. That is exactly what I did several years ago on my upgrade path, I even tried the spare Eggs on top of my then R100 fronts as upfiring Atmos speakers. Didn't work for obvious reasons and they looked dreadful.

You could look at the Q350s as front speakers as they will blend very well with the Eggs and the Q50s would look good sitting on top of them.

I also run KEF upfiring speakers on top of my front left and right, the R50s. Have been doing so for at least five years and they are very effective. I would say the Q50s will no doubt fill that role with aplomb.


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I have eggs for my surrounds and Q100’s for fronts and Q200 for centre and R50’s for upfiring Atmos and they sound fantastic together

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