Upgrading from Ixos 1081 subwoofer cable


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I'm currently using an Ixos 1081 (now discontinued) subwoofer cable for my REL Q150E, and have been using this for afew years. Can someone please suggest a cable I can upgrade to, that'll give me a noticeable difference in sound quality? Or is it not worth the effort?



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i used the rubbish little cable for my Q150 for some time and upgraded to a sub cable from markgrantcables - could not say if it would be better than you already have but it got rid of interference hum i was getting with the cheap cable.
Have you considered using the Neutrik connector on your Q150 - yuo have to biwire it to the main speaker posts but you get much better refinement regarding volume and crossover - I use the one that came with my Q150 and IMO works better than the standard LFE cable - of course you can always use both if your amp will support such a thing - ie use the neutrik to supplement the fronts and the LFE cable to carry on with the .1 signal - although you have to have an amp that does not sent the signal to both at the same time or you will get it doubled up and its really bassey.

If you already have the cable you might as well try it and see if you have not done so.



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Save your money IMHO. You could try it but I very much doubt you'll spot a difference. As long as the cable is well shielded etc. it will be fine.

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