Upgrading from Dali Fazon SATs to Oberons


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Hello wondering if anyone knows if Oberon would be an significant improvement over Fazon series? Hard for me to test them, and Fazon prices are higher but guess the design has something to do with this. Thinking about replacing my existing set up based on Dali Fazon SATs and center Fazon LCR by the Oberon series, Vokal and either on walls or Oberon 1 for LR.

Also would there be noticeable differences between using oberon on walls vs oberon 1 as left right channels for music. I will be using a subwoofer anyway


thanks in advance
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I can`t speak specifically for Fazons as i haven´t heard them. I have heard Zensors which are very similar to Oberons. However this is more about question of satellite speakers vs. normal size hifi speakers. There is noticeable jump if you listen music or watch movies going from sats to bigger ones. Especially for the latter as the center channel is good amount larger than the Fazon LCR with bigger drivers and some technology from Opticon range so sound quality, weight/depth, dynamics, sound stage etc. should be on different level. Oberon 1s are quite compact and if you listen music lot i would consider also Oberon 3 assuming you don`t have very small room / tight space. They are going to sound lot bigger and fuller, i have read these real world comparisons. However if you have quality subwoofer then the smaller model can work certainly. Usually the package subs just aren´t most clean sounding so if you have some cheap Dali ported sub i would consider would the better route be to buy speakers that can be listened without subwoofer (music) meaning larger model like Oberon 3. I really wish you could hear the Oberons at any local hifi shop as they can be found almost everywhere. Especially the jump from 1/On-Wall to 3, but just generally also so you wouldn´t rely on other peoples word. It takes literally 15-30min to hear the difference few songs and some movie clip. If it requires longer car trip then still think about it.

On paper the specs look very similar. Oberon 1 goes little bit lower and louder over Oberon On-Wall which has downfiring port but shallow cabinet. With Oberon 1 and 3 you would ideally buy speaker stands 600mm so you get to move them to optimal spots and sit on correct height , with the On-Walls you need to get the placement spot on before making holes to wall aiming example equilateral triangle with tweeters at seated ear height. Would they still look good enough (wife?) if they are installed further away from tv if you sit example 3meters away from tv? Many throws them each side to 65" tv cause they look good that way, but not optimal.

If there is no way you can make the trip to listening then give a call to Audio-T and chat about the home trial option. They sell all Oberon models.

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