Upgrading from Audio technicas AD700 - Ideas please??


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Got some amazon vouchers to spend and might treat myself to some new audio toys :)

Currently use a set of Audio technicas AD700 with a denon dm37. Whilst this is alright i would like to lose the buzz and get a warmer sound with nice soundstage. I never really noticed that much of an improvement from plugging in some sennheiser portables directly into the denon.

I know this sounds vague but any ideas? Looking at 300 for headphones and considering buying an amp seperately.



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The head out on the Denon must suck if it buzzes.

If you like the AD sound, there's the 900, it depends whether you want open or closed or a different style of sound. A decent dac/amp will help a lot too. Plenty of those around.
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Nah , bit bored of the sound coming from them - Already gone and brought some grados to replace them- reading up on amps and dacs
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