Upgrading from all-in-one but need serious help!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by gmp, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I'm looking to upgrade system but before I even look through threads about recommended amp/spkr packages, I'm already out of my depth:rolleyes:

    I've got improvised home cinema set-up in our loft conversion about 6mx6m square, with projector current being fed sky hd via component from box downstairs (with an IR link) and upscaling DVD via HDMI-DVI input. The optical and coax adio from these sources currently go into Acoustic Solutions all-in-one DS533 surround system (about 70 watts total rms me thinks) with decoding amp built into Sub-woofer. Going to move the 533 down to the lounge as it will be ok with the small speakers for watching occasional films sport downstairs.

    What I'm stuck on at moment is understanding what benefit (other than perhaps reducing inputs to projector from 2 to 1) routing component and hdmi through av amp before projector would bring as perfectly happy with picture quality at present. I could be missing something perfectly obvious here so be gentle:lesson:

    Anyway it's the sound to match 7ft wide picture I'm after, but need to bear in mind I've got children trying to sleep in evening. Not sure how much power handling I need to look at and whether a sub-woofer needed if I have speakers which are fairly meaty in themselves. Once a bit clearer on all this I can start looking at packages to match, but clearly need some initial help here please !:lease:

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