Upgrading Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre

Aziz Ismail

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Hi Guys,
I recently asked for advice on another thread with regards to upgrading my receiver but after giving it some thought, it may be better for me to upgrade my speakers rather than the AV Receiver (or may upgrade that to😆)

I am currently running some B&W 684 S1 Floor standing speakers, a HTM 62 S1 centre and some 685 Bookshelf for the rears. All connected with some Van Damme speaker cables. Currently using an Onkyo TX-NR828 receiver.
The reason for asking for advice with regards to upgrading the receiver was due to me upgrading my tv to the LG CX and purchasing the PS5 and XSX. My receiver isn't capable of DTS:X or Dolby Atmos but as i'm only running a 5.1, i don't really need to upgrade the receiver as i'm happy with the Dolby Digital +. I did think that running the hdmi's via the receiver would obviously be an issue but i have all my hdmi's directly plugged into the tv and only 1 hdmi into the arc reciever slot.
So the passthrough of 4k @120hz isn't really a plus point for me to upgrade if that makes sense and that a lot of the newer receivers are experiencing issues with passing through the 120fps so I've been told.

Now, after careful consideration, i think i would get better results in upgrading my 5.1 speakers. I do really like the sound that B&W provide but i'm looking for something better. What do people upgrade to from B&W?

What Hifi are suggesting Q Acoustics to be a decent 5.1 home theatre upgrade along with Dali.

Have any of you had an experiences with the above manufacturers?

What 5.1 setup would you recommend i should upgrade to. I have a budget of between £2-3k and ideally would like floor standing speakers rather than 4 bookshelf speakers.

Thanks in advance.


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What area you want to be improved? Do you feel the 62 S1 center channel keeps up with the mains (i remember something not so good said about this)? What about which subwoofer you have? Does it give you enough impact and plays deep enough? Most package woofers are poor so that is certainly one area to consider if you have one of those and feel bit underwhelmed of the overall experience with blockbuster movies. Also many concentrates main speakers quite a lot and forgets center channel which is one of the most active speaker in your system, so make sure your won´t skimp on that either!

If you want something special for movies then look the Arendal 1723 S range. The floorstanders and center channel should be within your budget, upgrade the rest later. You can still keep using your sub if decent as there is no requirements to have "matching" sub from same brand! Also you can keep using 685 or even those 684 S1 as surround sides depending of your room! 1723 S Towers and Centre would be certainly taking it to another level.

Wait for the site to load fully before scrolling down, it`s not the fastest so you see everything!

Sneak peak of members 1723 S Towers and Centre with couple of "refrigerator" sized subwoofers! No need to visit local cinema anymore..


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