upgrading blu ray player


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Hi guys
Looking at up grading my blu ray player at the moment I have the SONY BDP-S350
And have been looking at the oppo 93 and the pioneer BDP-LX54. Has any body done a comparison?
On these two or is the any other players I should be looking at too.
What I want is really good PQ and SQ and up converting, networking i.e. iplayer and such
U S B input for external drives and stuff.
Not to worried about SACD or DVD AUDIO as I still have my PIONEER 868 that doe’s both Of these but if player has them so be it.

Any advice welcome

Some of my other equipment is YAMAHA RX-V767 and SANYO Z700


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Joined 2003 not really new Thank god someone said something I thought I was invisible for a min there

Bald Monkey

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I think the problem is that the geeks on here don't get past reading New Member under your username before clicking the back button.

Congratualtions for insulting the members of this forum.. :facepalm:

Bald Monkey

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how did i do that by saying Tumbleweed

You didn't John... I quoted Simonali as he did, without adding anything usefull.

I understand your frustration. I suspect the problem is your question is very similar to a lot of other posts and most regular forum members get bored of answering the same questions over and over.. So your post seems to have gone by without anyone bothering to reply.

PQ and AQ on these players are very very similar, I suggest you check the owners threads for details on how the extra features such as the streaming etc you mention work and if people have had issues with them or not. Make this your main criteria for picking a player as I doubt you'll notice any better quality as such in video or audio.

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