Upgrading Arcam DiVa integrated amps for AV


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Mar 7, 2006
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I've emailed Arcam about this but no response.

I hear a surround decoder can be added to the integrated amps.

What approx costs, and how does the system work?

Lots of info if you search the forum.

It is not actually a surround decoder for the Diva A85 and A90 but a pair of 7.1 inputs. You will need external decoding (DVD-audio players already have it, but you won't decode Sky TV etc) and phono RCA cables to connect. You will also need power amplifiers for the centre and rear channels.

Older amps have the option of DAVE surround decoders and there is / was one for sale in classifieds.
Which amp have you got?

Do you have a DVD player with a built in DD and DTS decoder?
Ok, it's for a friend, and I've just discovered he has an A65+.

I don't think he has a DVD player with decoding onboard; will the amps only accept 1 5.1 input then rather than decode from a digital connection?

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