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Hi, been thinking about an upgrade from my currect arcade 360 to the elite. Is it worth doing?

I might be getting a laptop and broadband in a couple of months, so not been using xbox live yet. is there a difference in the quality of the pictre through elite or would it be the same as buying an hdmi cabe for the arcade, im currently using component, is hdmi much better than using component?



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Apart from the bigger drive why would anyone do this anymore? Get a new arcade as it comes with HDMI which was the big selling point for the Elite. I have found VGA is better than HDMI and Component but its all down to the TV/Perception.


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Technically the Elite is no different to any other 360 version, bar the bigger HDD (which can be bought seperately). Just make sure you get one of the newer Falcon models. These can be identified by the 175w power consumption rating on the serial bar sticker on the box - older models will say 203w. The Falcon's all have HDMI, and are supposedly more reliable. they're often quieter too, though that can vary.


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For me the hard drive is next to useless as all my media is streamed from my PC. Of course you may want the extra space for movie downloads or demo etc.

However I think it looks much nicer in black. It just fits in better with all my other stuff, weather that is worth the extra cash though is down to personal opinion.

Also make sure you bare in mind the DRM issue which is covered much more detail here.


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Personally I wouldnt bother unless you really, really REALLY want a black console - I've got an arcade and an elite and I prefer the white one, the black looks quite "cheap" esp when its sat next to a nice glossy PS3...

Aside from the colour and an included HDD, the elite also has a HDMI & Audio dongle in the box, you can usually find the latter in the for sale section.

Personally, I'd just buy the seperate 120GB HDD, the transfer kit comes in the box with it.

Component v HDMI? Not much in it in my opinion, I'm currently using HDMI and the PQ is slightly sharper with text, but generally they're pretty equal - I went with HDMI to see if there was any improvement upscaling to 1080p but I might switch back to component simply because I'm short of 1 HDMI port on my telly... I'd go with it if you can but I wouldn't use it a basis for a major upgrade expecting a big jump in PQ.

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