upgrading advice please.


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I currently have a Denon DVD 3000 hooked up to a Yamaha DSP -E492 processor.I am interested in buying the Pioneer 565a dvd player for dvd-a and sacd.Can anyone recomend a good processor to go with it,so as to take advantage of Digital audio out connection on the 565a,and can i expect much improvement on video and sound quality.Please note it must be a processor as i have a audiolab 8000a that i want to keep.Any advice would be appreciated,

Rolo Tomasi

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How much are you prepared to spend?

If you mean a coaxial or optical digital output from the 565a, I think you will find that nearly all modern processors/receivers have these inputs.

With regards to quality improvements in sound and video, this is more of a subjective issue and depends to some extent upon the display for video 'improvements'. The old addage of try before you buy is sensible advice. Remember, not alot of people will want to admit to others (and, perhaps even themselves) that their upgrade has not been worth the expense.


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Thanks for the reply,i`m thinking along the lines that my existing equipment is now old and the newer gear should produce better results.Having said that the DENON 3000 is a quality machine,but i would like to get into the dvd-a and sacd side of things. i should add, a receiver is probably the way i am going to go as there seems to be more choice of these.Regarding how much i want to spend, probably arround £500 for both bits of kit.


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To use the dvd-audio and sacd side of the dvd player you will have to use the 5.1 audio out on the dvd player,so make shure you have the inputs on the processor.

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