Upgrading a Sony RDR HX-525?


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I have been wondering about the possibility of upgrading the current 80gb HD in the future but not (yet) looked inside.

Does the drive have the usual 'computer' data and power connections? Is the operating system in ROM or on the drive?

Thanks for any guidance.


I cannot answer for your specific model but yes in general they always use either a pata hdd or a sata hdd , the same or similar to what a pc uses , and the power connections would be standard too , so in that case yes they use pc types of drives , albeit they may use specialised models for video use

BUT they dont use pc types of partitioning or formatting , and usually changing a drive is not as simple as you may think , as on the x70 and x90 models we have to use remote controls to initiate a service mode change and format of the new drive

details on the x70 and x90 models are on this forum , and in the sticky threads is a list of models that can have this done to them , but I would think its not just a simple change on yours , but one needing a service remote to initiate the change and format the new hdd , and in some cases change the model number as in the x90 series

so I think its probably far more complicated than you think , I know changing the hdd in my x70 models requred a service remote or harmony remote or some other irda device , I would think you will need something similar

good luck

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